Dear Adelaide,

See you in a little under six weeks.

Levi is back in Cervantes | a five part series | Easter 2014

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Levi is back in Cervantes | a five part series | Easter 2014

Levi has started reading Balzac and whenever he talks about it I am made aware of exactly how immature of a child that I really am.

Facebook Quality

"Girls would be fucked without photoshop"

"Yeah like they don’t like it when we lie but they wear makeup which is pretty much the same thing"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA remember that time when FUCK YOU

Roller derby casualties.

Tonight was not good.

I went to training with a painful nerve ache that began in my lower back and snaked its way down my left leg, which prevented me from activating and properly engaging my core, and even something as simple as getting lower in my skating stance was difficult. As a result, I spent a lot of time getting hit out of bounds and knocked down. I slowed myself down for a stretch and an internal pep-talk, which seemed to work, given that upon my return to the track and my acceptance of the jammer panty, I managed to effectively counter-block and really hone in on all the agility practice that I’ve been cramming in. Nothing feels quite as good as your team and coach praising you after so many shitty failed attempts at doing something.

Came back around for another try at the drill and copped a heavy impact high block right to the side of the jaw just as I clenched.

Ouch, not good. Please excuse me while I ice this. Okay, now please excuse me while I sit here and sob for a few minutes.

"It’s important that you remember that you are on the A team for a reason. These are the best skaters in our league. That includes you. The top twenty? That includes you. The unfortunate thing within that, though, is that these are some of the best skaters in our state and there is not a lot of room for anything less than 100%.”

This is hard, and this is my insecurity.

Nope. Just Nope. That lipstick. Just. Nooooo.

Here’s a thing:

If you’re so chickenshit that you have to come across to tumblr from other social networking sites such as Facebook or instagram (I’m assuming that’s where you’ve crawled from given that there have been photos uploaded tonight), because there is the “safety” of the anonymous function, then fuck you, and the the horse you rode in on. I’m sure that your Mum is really proud.


By the way, the lipstick looks fucking great.


Looking at airfares makes my heart hurt. Never did I think that numbers could actually make me cry.

I said it a hundred times, to myself and to others, “If I don’t need a passport to visit, it is not far away. Three thousand kilometres is not far away.”

Today, three thousand kilometres is extremely, expensively, far away.

Questionable as it may be, I stand by my feeling the particular type of cargo pants that turn into shorts by unzipping the leg at the knee may just be the most practical and excellent item of clothing that I’ve ever experienced.

Honestly, though, how am I supposed to get any work done with you looking at me like that?

Honestly, though, how am I supposed to get any work done with you looking at me like that?

Approximately three hundred pages into 2083: A European Declaration of Independence and I am one hundred and seventy percent undecided on whether this was a stupid choice or not.

Today I looked in the mirror and saw my mother. We look mostly nothing alike, except for my eyes, apparently. For a split second as I caught my own eye in my reflection, I had my mother’s face, and my heart, oh, my heart.

I miss her a lot, and I’d like to know if that ever goes away.

Perth Roller Derby’s Mistresses of Mayhem (196) vs The Apocalypstiks (214).

Today at uni, during a student presentation, it was stated that women within an urban music culture are promoting and perpetuating their sexualised stereotypes and maintaining the sexist view held towards them. The example given was a song made famous by a female artist who did not write it, and included lyrics such as, “Baby I’ll love you all the way down, get you right where you like it, I promise you’ll like it, just relax and let me make that move, keep it between me and you”. It was was accompanied by a film clip that the artist did not initially agree with, depicting her “singing to an unidentified male at a night club before taking him to a hotel room where [she kneels] below him while caressing his genital region and then unbuckling his pants in night vision”. Both the song and the film clip were written/directed by men.

Later, during the class discussion, that same student suggested that “racial inequality does not exist any more, I mean, racism, yes, but racial inequality is pretty much over”.